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Nel Barendregt

In 'Gundog education' she shares her philosophy and strategy to get the best possible gamefinder,

as well as her photos.

Her fascination is and has been focussed on:


wildlife, photography and shooting,


gundogs, their work and their education,


behaviour and motivation.




"My life would be dull without learning.


Exploring behaviour in man and animal."

“Nel Barendregt lives for beautiful gundog work.

With her team of well-trained gundogs she is regularly invited to join various shooting parties both at home and abroad.

Through this book, Nel wishes to share with you her vast experience in training and working gundogs, whether you are just a dog lover or a professional. In words and pictures — Nel is also a talented photographer — you will be guided step by step in the education of your dog.

She shows you how to make the best of your dog’s talents and how to educate and train him into becoming a mature and professional gundog. Step by step.

And also how to build trust between you and your dog in a playful, but especially considerate and balanced way.

How to read your dog and respond to him.

How to let your dog be proud of his performance.

How to learn from the mistakes that — inevitably – you will make. Your dog does not make mistakes. He has just misunderstood you!

Learn to think like a dog. Apply that and watch your relationship with your dog develop in leap and bounds.

Let yourself be guided and inspired by the clarity of the message and the many tips and advice that Nel Barendregt has compiled for you in this book.”

Kees Barents

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